Off comes my hat

I had a wee laugh when I read someone describe their Mum wardrobe as the stripe army. Well here I am. I am all Mum this week as my son fights off another lergy. I remember being sent outside for fresh air, so fresh air we got. I love doing the park thing and the […]

Love “n” war

I have been thinking how fickle love and especially break ups can impact on your friendships. Much like a war “friends” who really have no right business picking a side when a relationship is falling apart. People in these situations don’t need people to chose a side. They really need a listening ear when they […]

Creating new memories

So I am all about things, places, songs and smells bringing me back to happy memories. I am also all about paying something forward hoping someone else will enjoy it too. Much like I did when I packed up my old memories of relationships gone and dusted. However just because I didn’t continue to date […]


Goodness me it’s hard as an adult to set small realistic goals. Everything that should be a goal seems so far away. I miss childhood innocence when my biggest goal was how to do enough chores so I could buy a $2 bag of mixed lollies at the milk bar. And where on earth have […]

To the non eaters

This is a blog to the no eaters out there. I was there for the shortest part of my life. Living on tablets and flavoured water, and stating I was full and full of energy. You might get to your “ideal size” and in that “find happiness” but I don’t believe it. As I sat […]

It’s all about chicken soup

What’s one memory you have from your childhood when you were sick? For me it was eating my mum’s soup. She didn’t make chicken soup much but it was so yummy, it warmed the heart and soul and I honestly believe helped you heal. This week both me and my boys are sick. My request […]

Collecting thoughts

Today I am making steps to order my thoughts. Again a note from yesterday is getting professional advise to ensure you are moving along into that direction you wish to be in. I also am trying to order my house, room and spaces I go. The more ordered I am, the better I process and […]