Women power?

When will we come together as women? We celebrate women’s day on the 8th of March. Sure we have come a long way in the western culture of women having rights. I however feel we have lost a bit of the working together to make life easier for each other. We don’t ask for help […]


I always face the day with putting my best self first. Maybe I have always done this, maybe I have learnt through life’s lessons. Presentation is important to me. I always remember someone saying you never know who you will bump into. And can I promise you one thing? The day you look your worst […]

Flying solo

It’s been a while. So much has happened within me and I haven’t stopped to breath and take it in. Being a single parent took me by surprise. Yes sometimes when you’re in the eye of the storm you cannot see the light. Being judged and having differences of opinions thrown in my face has […]

Do we need to seek

Trying hard to read more and let information sink into my somewhat forgetful head. Today my affirmation is “what you seek is seeking you”, I really resonate with this today. I feel exhausted sometimes as I’m always on the road seeking my next chapter. When I really just need to focus on just being.  Are […]


Living in the day and age of the old filter on a photo is something I can honestly feel happy about. Is anything ever really as it seems anymore? Have we become so worried about looking “pretty” that we have forgotten that pretty strong, pretty tough and pretty skilful mean way more than being physically […]