Observations of a Mum on a train…

So here I am, expected to be sound minded and interviewing for a job. Who on gods earth thinks interviewing a mother in the haze of maternity leave thinks this task is doable or even legal?  But in my self moto “get up, turn up and be counted”. I was counted and my excuse for […]

My moments

I can honestly say i didn’t enjoy moments to myself enough before child. I also didn’t sleep in enough, exercise hard enough or sit in silence enough. I didn’t sit with my hot cup of whatever enough.  However moments with my other friend Mum’s are my new enough. They understand how holding ones beautiful offspring […]

If the shoe fits

While I was quite pregnant I started (and very like me never finished), a book about healing and your journey on this earth. It spoke about why someone experiences certain challenges or events. For me much of my married life has been a roller coaster of challenges. In my married life the celebrations have been […]

Comfortable Friday 

Well if last Friday was good Friday, today is comfortable Friday. I am totally Mumming it today. With a baby that wishes to be held all the time I have my hands full. The body take overs for Mothers begins in pregnancy, what the world forget to mention is you will never be here for […]

Predispositions shouldn’t define me 

Having read an article about predispositions and not letting them rule or define you I’m on a mission to work towards mine.  I know my crutch has always been shopping when I feel crummy. Knowing what I know now that doesn’t make me happy. Things do not make me happy, things tie me to debt […]


I recently read an article about embarrassment and where that feeling actually stems from. To me it comes from being different or not living up to someone else’s expectations of how things or I am supposed to be. It’s a deep sense of being different from the flock, whether that he as small as wearing […]