Women power?

When will we come together as women? We celebrate women’s day on the 8th of March. Sure we have come a long way in the western culture of women having rights. I however feel we have lost a bit of the working together to make life easier for each other.

We don’t ask for help when we need it, and we don’t offer help in case we upset or offend our fellow friends. Where does that leave us? Alone in our struggles, too afraid to seek out the supports we need, when we need them.

We also don’t see another woman’s help as something good, we sometimes feel misunderstood, or that our toes are stood on.

Maybe eastern culture has many lessons to teach us. After all they still have villages bringing up their children. Women may be suppressed but they ban together as a gender to help and support each other emotionally and spiritually better than we do. They also see birth as something we have to recover from, we western women get set to work to care for a baby while we recover from having life ripper out of us.

We do work with our partners, if we are lucky enough to find the right one that will work with you. I think if the women power doesn’t work well a partner should beat your drum. My partner thinks my elevator selfies for my blog this week were pretty creative and daring. Daring because I have 9 levels in my work building and I am lucky enough to ride the elevator solo.



I always face the day with putting my best self first. Maybe I have always done this, maybe I have learnt through life’s lessons.

Presentation is important to me. I always remember someone saying you never know who you will bump into. And can I promise you one thing? The day you look your worst and thought before you left the house “I can’t be bothered” is the day you will bump into someone you really wished you had put that lipstick on for!

I know we shouldn’t judge a book by its cover, and I don’t. I just know that the world is crueler than what I imagine in my head. People judge, and while I’ve learnt that judgement only hurts when you know there is some truth to it, let’s give them something to talk about.

People only see true happiness in a person when it glows out of you. I am glowing! I am off on a great week end away. I know it’s going to be great as I am with my family. My son and his step father, my two great loves ☺️

The icing on my cake

I am a cat. I fall on my feet. I take on an adventure. I take on risk. I take a while to warm up to new people, but when I do I will be your friend for life.

I have been so fortunate that after so much trauma of the heart and soul I am tasting happiness again. I always believed and searched for my someone. And I never expected perfect, in fact I demanded a flaw or two.

I’ve learnt to embrace the good times and be mindful. I expect nothing more or less but when I am served up way more than I could have imagined I am truly grateful.

I’ve been so lucky to be piecing myself together and enjoying being treated like a lady. A man should know your worth without a gentle reminder. A man should not just exist in a house or space but be part of it, house work and all. And I am happy to say I am currently receiving the love I put out into the universe.

I sort a simple and happy life and I practice and receive it every single day 😀

Flying solo

It’s been a while. So much has happened within me and I haven’t stopped to breath and take it in.

Being a single parent took me by surprise. Yes sometimes when you’re in the eye of the storm you cannot see the light.

Being judged and having differences of opinions thrown in my face has come and gone. I grew resilience I can not believe. The judgements made me stronger, they also made me walk to the beat of my own drum. You know why? No one walks your path but you. No one feels how you feel and no one can truly understand your journey.

I learnt in this time of reflection that those who have the loudest advice often have their own mess in which they wish not to share. The best advice comes from the softest voice, the sweetest voice and the people with the kind eyes. The people who do not deal out advice as if it were a fruit in season, but tells a story with a hidden bit of advice for the journey.While I have been trying to be the best I can be for my little boy I have found happiness. Happiness is a choice, and I chose it always. I want my son to see the sunshine after the storm, the light after the dark and the life that continues after it all goes wrong.

I started 2018 with a goal not to buy clothes. I buy the most in times of unhappiness. I am happy and have enough.

My year ended so wonderfully and I have decided that I will support up and coming artists in the jewellery world. All my old dresses and outfits are an accessory away from being new. Today I wear Heart Beat and Hand Craft earrings. So colourful and happy.

Do we need to seek

Trying hard to read more and let information sink into my somewhat forgetful head. Today my affirmation is “what you seek is seeking you”, I really resonate with this today. I feel exhausted sometimes as I’m always on the road seeking my next chapter. When I really just need to focus on just being. 

Are we in an age where we are always seeking? Do we ever just settle for the here and now? If what we are seeking is seeking us then why are we not happy to sit in the waiting room of life? I feel like being a doer and going out and getting what you seek is  just as important as meeting the person seeking you.

Sitting alone at night can be daunting but I really do believe my next chapter will not be me alone. I enjoy travelling along this earth with a partner by my side. 

Right now I sit with my son. Something I sought and found. He has changed how I view the world. About what I used to seek and what I seek for us now. No decision is solely for me anymore.  


Living in the day and age of the old filter on a photo is something I can honestly feel happy about. Is anything ever really as it seems anymore? Have we become so worried about looking “pretty” that we have forgotten that pretty strong, pretty tough and pretty skilful mean way more than being physically “pretty”? I’d rather have a kind heart and a free spirit then have pretty. Because from my experience pretty can be pretty mean, pretty horrible and pretty shallow. 

Pretty things from my old world looked on the surface of things that could make you happy. But those pretty things look different from the other side. I pray that one day I will look at those pretty things in a different light. Those pretty things once removed one by one, lie after lie feel very unpretty! 

I am growing eternally and until I grow I will filter my photos. Some days you just want to buff out something that makes you feel unpretty so you can stand that little taller in the harsh light of day. Since becoming a Mum I have become less self absorbed with my external, but not enough to not care. Just enough that I don’t care that the last time I blogged I was sporting gingham. Must be in style, the sleeves on this dress need to be loved😉

Hushing the voices

Call me crazy but I have a constant cometary going in my head every single moment of every single day. Now it can fill the spaces of living alone, so I don’t feel so alone. But my voices don’t allow me to have much me time. I feel like they are constantly looking around the house for jobs for me to do. They pull me away from a cuppa tea or even pull me away from reading the magazine I bought when I moved into my own house (6 weeks ago). 

Today I won the war and am sitting, with my cup of tea and just ignoring those dam voices. The house work can wait, the washing can wait, the text messages can wait and so can everyone else. Something I’ve learnt is, if I don’t look after me and give those voices a little break, I may break! I live alone, no one else but me cares about the crumb on the floor or the washing that needs hanging, and that dirty glass can stay there the night. 

Don’t get me wrong I feel keeping my house in order helps keep my mind in order. But I’m going to enjoy this cuppa and this peace. 

Another thing I’ve been hushing the voices to is a weekly or fortnightly massage. Coming out of two back to back relationships I miss touch and massage. Not that they played big roles but I don’t want my online dating profile to say “loves and good massage” as I don’t want to attract that audience. So I pay someone to squeeze and massage my aches and pains. Best $40 I spend on myself.

I feel on Fridays the voices need a celebratory drink. So we will have a a little bubble with my pasta for one! As they say, “the only way is up”! 

Happy Friday people. Enjoy a moment of peace and quite, it is golden.