Clawing back 

As my new chapter has begun I have been writing my lists of what parts of me to keep and what to let go of. Life after a marriage break down can be made tough when you forget who you were before. Not that I will ever be her again, she is now a mother […]

If the shoe fits

While I was quite pregnant I started (and very like me never finished), a book about healing and your journey on this earth. It spoke about why someone experiences certain challenges or events. For me much of my married life has been a roller coaster of challenges. In my married life the celebrations have been […]

Treasure hunting 

In my attempt to declutter I have become very good at shifting “maybe throw out” things around my garage. Why do I hold onto things? Well somewhere in my head I have this thought that one day when I can’t afford things I will use those maybe things. This has not come to fruition as […]

Throwing it all together

Sometimes my outfits come together as thought disordered as my head at times. I put this outfit together sinply by grabbing pieces that come from a similar palette of colour. Not sure if I planned it well but I’m on the early train and there ain’t no turning back. I had an evening unlike any […]

The beginning of our new chapter

The week end bought about the closing of not such an easy chapter of my and my hubby’s journey together. While we don’t feel like jumping about (as we are pretty tired), I am thinking a wee celebration should occur. The beast we have been wrestling has been showing its teeth for some time but […]

Tempering my tone

My outfit is depicting my focus from today onwards. I am always a work in progress and as the universe is so big and infinite so is the possibility of this state of mind we call happiness.  I remember the reason why I bought this dress and how long ago I bought it. Some things […]