That coffee Mum

Shout out to the other Mum’s who are getting out and about with their little ones. Before child, if I were going for a walk with my friends I would be up 10 minutes before the walk to throw on clothes, brush my teeth and fill my water bottle. After child I’m up at least […]

Give the Mum’s a break!

As I sit sipping on my coffee as my tiny stick of dynamite (my son) has a snooze I am getting over the news. Having been awake since the early hours of the morning- your not breaking any news 10 times over. I love an over exaggerated story but do we need to blow it […]

Enjoying giving it to someone else

There comes a time in a persons life where you can just let your self importance go and focus on someone else. For me that someone else is my son.  The time where my work out schedule and meal planning meant the most to me. Because what is more important in the world then being […]


It’s been 3 months since my son came along and blew my world up! I feel like the first few weeks and even months I have been living in fight and flight. Being a Mum is hard! It’s also not something that is openly spoken about. I think people think admitting something is hard is […]

Predispositions shouldn’t define meĀ 

Having read an article about predispositions and not letting them rule or define you I’m on a mission to work towards mine.  I know my crutch has always been shopping when I feel crummy. Knowing what I know now that doesn’t make me happy. Things do not make me happy, things tie me to debt […]

Two ways of dealingĀ 

There are two ways of dealing with life’s speed bumps. One is to talk with nearest and dearest, the people you gather for good times and bad times. As I’ve said many times before I chose those friends and consider them as important as family.  The other way is to ignore and hibernate. For those […]

Project ideas…

The hardest part of my transition to parenting is the isolation. Not having a job (paid job that is) to get to each day, work colleagues to chat to, drama and gossip to be apart of and having a purpose to dress up.  While all I have ever wanted was to be a mum, I […]