Ants in my dress!

Well if I stated that ants were in my pants it would be a lie and I would not lie to my readers, or myself. I love this Bea and Dot dress which is covered in ants. Such a fun dress in which I have made very serious for my work day. I’ve learnt life is too short to always dress serious- people like a bit of quirky in their day.
I am a mini step closer to buying my own home, one of those joys I feel I should be working towards with my Dad’s hard earned money and with that dirty 30th birthday looming. I am exiting the years of selfishness and entering the world of responsibility and really adulthood. I feel the 20’s were a warm up to being an adult. Trying and testing new things, killing body parts through wild nights out, little sleep from pure selfishness and pushing boundaries until you were either broke or broken!
Anyway I may be becoming an adult in my 30’s in a few months but no one will ever take that child out on me and the fun out of my quirky outfits.
Happy Tuesday. Do yourself a favour and wear something fun today or tomorrow. You will feel better or make someone else in need of a smile happy for a moment.





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