Hushing the voices

Call me crazy but I have a constant cometary going in my head every single moment of every single day. Now it can fill the spaces of living alone, so I don’t feel so alone. But my voices don’t allow me to have much me time. I feel like they are constantly looking around the house for jobs for me to do. They pull me away from a cuppa tea or even pull me away from reading the magazine I bought when I moved into my own house (6 weeks ago). 

Today I won the war and am sitting, with my cup of tea and just ignoring those dam voices. The house work can wait, the washing can wait, the text messages can wait and so can everyone else. Something I’ve learnt is, if I don’t look after me and give those voices a little break, I may break! I live alone, no one else but me cares about the crumb on the floor or the washing that needs hanging, and that dirty glass can stay there the night. 

Don’t get me wrong I feel keeping my house in order helps keep my mind in order. But I’m going to enjoy this cuppa and this peace. 

Another thing I’ve been hushing the voices to is a weekly or fortnightly massage. Coming out of two back to back relationships I miss touch and massage. Not that they played big roles but I don’t want my online dating profile to say “loves and good massage” as I don’t want to attract that audience. So I pay someone to squeeze and massage my aches and pains. Best $40 I spend on myself.

I feel on Fridays the voices need a celebratory drink. So we will have a a little bubble with my pasta for one! As they say, “the only way is up”! 

Happy Friday people. Enjoy a moment of peace and quite, it is golden. 


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