Clawing back 

As my new chapter has begun I have been writing my lists of what parts of me to keep and what to let go of. Life after a marriage break down can be made tough when you forget who you were before. Not that I will ever be her again, she is now a mother and she is somewhat more wiser.

When you walk for 3 years in the fire you come out stronger than ever. But I don’t want to be bitter from the experience. I want to pop it on the bookshelf of my life as a lesson lived and learnt. One of my passions I will not give up, is my writing. Of all the boxes I tried to fit into my only space of being me was here, writing my blog.

I may have always looked on the bright side of a crappy situation. But now I walk tall living on my own and watching my world grow. Not only have I released the hurt and pain but I’m building my home of happiness.

I’ve said it before but I’m so much more at peace with very little. I live closer to the ocean, my heart. I don’t have to escape far anymore to feel free.

I’ve had my moments wondering if I can claw back, but I’m a Leo, I’m a lion and it’s what us cats do best, we survive as we are kings of our kingdom. Watch this space as my creative juices are flowing. This picture is of me and my biggest cheer leader. She will help heal my soul & she reminds me of what’s important and what I need to throw away and keep. 


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