Transparent baskets

Wouldn’t it be something to see what everyone was carrying in their basket of life? Or not. Maybe that’s why we all have such thick skin and hide away our darkest days. 

A benefit is being able to talk straight away about whatever is going on in your life. As the world would be able to see what’s in your basket of life. 

Part of me feels terrible for hiding what is really going on for me at the moment and part of me is relieved that I only have to share it with whom I chose. 

It would certainly make making new friends difficult if you walked around with the variety of challenges you are going through. I believe every single person that you sit next to have their own overflowing basket. Even the down to earth, earthy person has life challenges they chose not to openly share.

Your not living if your basket is empty. Life is supposed to be full of variety from every aisle of the shop. 

My biggest challenge I am yet to fully understand is how an addiction can consume someone to the point of no return? I understand that maybe there were too many challenges in the basket but how you pushed every human that cared away I don’t understand and probably never will. 

The beauty in carrying life around in a thick skin is you can reveal small snippets of your life to whom you want, when your comfortable. Today was not the day for me to reveal my challenges and where I am going. And as the sun sets I’m ok with that. 


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