Observations of a Mum on a train…

So here I am, expected to be sound minded and interviewing for a job. Who on gods earth thinks interviewing a mother in the haze of maternity leave thinks this task is doable or even legal? 

But in my self moto “get up, turn up and be counted”. I was counted and my excuse for my vagueness about all things work is my baby. Yep I’m going to use that beautiful child I created as my excuse for as many things as I can! He is already my new excuse for being late, foggy head and why sometimes I just can’t make it. And people with and without children don’t questioning it, it’s just my new reality.

I must say it’s the first day being an adult (not just Mum) since I have had my Little one. I felt like I was missing part of me. I kept thinking “I can’t wait to show my baby this city”. Melbourne is pretty overwhelmingly beautiful. It is also very fast paced now I’m a country girl again. I did suffer from stimulation overload. I felt swallowed up by the big city with people darting all around me. No one smiles and everyone is so dam busy. 

The sensory over load did have me focusing on the different people. Like the man with his eyes closed, stuffing his face with dim sims- I can see you, do you need a baby wipe for the sauce on your cheek? I think people who are in the city all the time clearly feel like no one notices them. 

There was also a Mum I noticed. She left the house in her comfortable trackie. She had her hands full of children’s coats and back packs. I wonder how she got to that point? I get comfortable, and I get the need for tracksuits. But not as an outfit to hit the city in. She wasn’t off to the gym, she was just trying to be invisible. I get how as a mother you would want to be a bit invisible so your kids can shine, but your not invisible. 

I do feel we women put careers and lives on hold for our children. But I want my Little one to be part of my life and see that Mummy can juggle both a good job and being a good Mumma. I’m sure like most things there is a balance (it’s just finding it). I can’t believe I’ve already been off work for 6 months! No wonder dressing professionally seems a bit weird. 

I hope that I did blend in while I was out in the city. I feel like I have so much going on that blending in is exactly where I need to be right now. 

This photo is a throw back from Easter. I love the Little Party Dress dress I have on. And I’m always happier when I’m spending time with my family and my son. 


3 thoughts on “Observations of a Mum on a train…

  1. Beautiful post! I’m a mum of two so I get the joys and challenges of motherhood. Yes! It’s important to balance your professional life and parenthood. When we have children we lose our sense of identity because our entire being has shifted to live for our babies and children. In the process, we forget about taking care of ourselves and start neglecting our needs. It is OK and healthy to be a parent and also career driven. Be realistic with your expectations and always have a plan or I’d say many to get you back to work and socialising.

    • Absolutely I live for my son! And my career isn’t so important but I am looking at becoming a single mum so I need to have a good income so we can have an easy life.

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