My moments

I can honestly say i didn’t enjoy moments to myself enough before child. I also didn’t sleep in enough, exercise hard enough or sit in silence enough. I didn’t sit with my hot cup of whatever enough. 

However moments with my other friend Mum’s are my new enough. They understand how holding ones beautiful offspring so you can enjoy a hot latte and hold a somewhat normal conversation. They are the friends that understand that I have to talk about every topic in my head in 2 minutes flat understand that a babies smile can turn into a fit of cries at the drop of a hat. Then I try to listen, absorb some of the conversations that go on, only to realise I’ve probably just been focusing on happy smiley baby so much I don’t know if my response is correct. Oh the joys of being a dedicated mother! 

Now I cannot sterotype I do love all my friends equally. My friends who have parented their own siblings in a way don’t think I’m losing my mind. And the friends who love baby cuddles are so helpful. My 7 1/5 kilos of baby does get handed back due to his sheer weight (I love you chubby bubby)! 

While I don’t think I enjoyed my wild and free days “enough”, I never imagined I could ever love another human being as much as I do my son. For me there will never be enough cuddles, never enough time together and never enough hours in the day. Some days I lay in my bed and hope I have loved my little boy enough. I would never wish for my single days back,  however enjoying a hot shower, little sleep in and having my pre-baby face on would be nice (in small droplets). 

This photo was taken at the end of the day. I know I probably needed a good filter on it. But this is me being a raw mother. I know I’m enough and that is something to raise my glass to!


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