If the shoe fits

While I was quite pregnant I started (and very like me never finished), a book about healing and your journey on this earth. It spoke about why someone experiences certain challenges or events. For me much of my married life has been a roller coaster of challenges. In my married life the celebrations have been far and few. I’ve experienced so many things I honestly do not wish on any of my friends or family. A marriage should be built on trust, love, respect and honesty. It’s not about things, or about feeding one urge more then another. If one feels so selfish in one obsession or addiction perhaps they should walk alone.

I hope my journey so far has got me closer to the shoe that fits. I know in the book it said sometimes the lessons or challenges of this life were the pay back lessons for a previous life. Well I’ve learnt my lesson- don’t lie, steal and don’t take people for granted. These things combined make for a woman who is stronger and questions everything that people claim to be. 

Today has been a celebration for my post pregnancy body. I’m in my jeans again! And they feel like they fit exactly how they did prebaby! I am not over working myself to look a certain way as my baby boy means more then any crash diet. And let’s be honest being a parent requires regular trips to the chocolate cupboard!


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