Comfortable Friday 

Well if last Friday was good Friday, today is comfortable Friday. I am totally Mumming it today. With a baby that wishes to be held all the time I have my hands full.

The body take overs for Mothers begins in pregnancy, what the world forget to mention is you will never be here for you. Your body, mind, (sleep) and bed are all shared once that baby enters the world. 

What I wished and hoped for in my pre baby life on a Friday was a big cold cider, some salty hot chips and some belly laughs with my work mates. Now days I’d be happy to sleep past 6am! I would also love take away on the couch, that will be eaten with both hands and maybe a glass of red. All in silence, no laughter or words needed. 

Maybe maternity leave is to keep non child baring people seperate from the throws of the real life of new parents. My conversation topics these days have evolved, just like my activities of choice.

My baby slows me down, reminds me that the washing can wait. All that house work, and driving about has nothing on baby cuddles. These are Fridays money can’t buy. 


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