That coffee Mum

Shout out to the other Mum’s who are getting out and about with their little ones. Before child, if I were going for a walk with my friends I would be up 10 minutes before the walk to throw on clothes, brush my teeth and fill my water bottle. After child I’m up at least an hour and a half before, minimum! Now I have to dress myself, feed myself and baby, prepare bottles, nappies and 2 changes of clothes and dress the baby appropriately. This hour and a half evens puts in a small baby nap prior to storming out the door.

Walks these days can be a jolted dance of walking fast, slow, over bumps or picking up my 7kgs of a baby and walking in between cries. I walk with other Mums as they understand me. I walk with other Mums because I was once the friend without kids who didn’t understand tired or even fathom a decent reason to being late. I walk with other mums so I’m not judged on my whaling baby, or stared at to pick him up and stop him straight away. 

I then turn to coffee after this great walk as I need the caffeine to get me through the next many daylight hours of feeding, crying, walking and rocking. I will never again call women “the coffee mum’s” as I snigger at them. I will never judge a woman who chooses to stay at home with their little ones. Work is definitely an easier option on some days. My coffee date saves me, makes me feel human and adult for a blink in my day. And all of this with other Mum’s who have become my wolf pack. 

The best thing about my new wolf pack is I don’t have to always look my best. And I am the least judged I have ever felt in my life. Happy days.

Today I’m sporting my natural fizzy hair, h&m basic t shirt and maxi skirt from st frock. Today my outfit is fit for the couch after my coffee date with the mum’s! 


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