Not what I ordered

Just like a take away meal, you don’t always get in life what you ordered. It’s the way you deal with the unexpected that matters. A lot of the time it really depends what is given to you instead of what you ordered that can make or break you. Sometimes you discover a prize dish, or life changing event. Or sometimes you feel ripped off as you really wished for what you had originally ordered.

This is the story of my life at the moment. For me all I wanted was a vanilla flavoured life. Sometime simple  with a splash of adventure from time to time. Oh hell I would have been happy with just plain jane vanilla. But I got the flavour that no one ever really orders. It’s as if I ordered chilli chocolate ice cream. But for me there is far too much chilli and the cream is curdled beyond fixing.

Sometimes you have to take that order back and ask whoever it is in charge to start again. And so I am currently back at the take away shop, waiting for the vanilla life I long for. All in all I haven’t lost hope for my original order. I am not asking for more then I ordered and not asking for anything beyond the rainbow.

My new order does come with a small human. He is telling me that it’s important to get the order right, it’s important that he has a happy Mumma. 

Look and much like this asos dress (it’s made out of stretchy material like a t shirt) I am open for getting more then I ordered. Lets be honest everyone loves getting an extra potato cake or dimsim. 


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