New found glory

Before child I recall the things that got me excited. I used to love to try a new place to eat and hang out with the in people. Now my pleasure is much easier reach with a movie in peace on the couch with a home made delight and cheap glass of wine. 

A lot of things have changed. I also find fun in shopping in my own wardrobe (or 101 space bagged clothes). I laugh and throw out some of my bad choices. But I also bask in the glory of finding a treasure I buried and forgot. 

As my baby naps I sit and watch Gatsby for the first time. What a fabulous array of gorgeous fashion! Now people you do know where you may find a slice of this wonderful fashion? If not in your Nan’s wardrobe but in your local op shop! 

In my early days of work I always admired a lady’s fashion choices. She was always looking fresh, colourful and quirky. Her secret- only buying from op shops. Her exception was a new seasonal pair of shoes. Now the purse strings are tight I may need to venture more so into the local op shop. I am no second hand snob. I feel these treasure are hidden and waiting for their next adventure. It is also good for the environment. Another thing that has changed!

While I enjoy being a Mum, wearing my child’s latest spew explosion, I look forward to my first night out. I was no lover of pregnancy and haven’t felt it to be right timing to unleash myself on the public. A new Mum can be too raw and real for the public eye. 

Becoming a parent means switching a few things of yesterday and finding a new kind of fun. When I’m in my car and the right song comes on I am back where ever that song takes me. My glory days were fantastic. I regret nothing and lived, laughed and partied as hard as I could.

Today I found a dress in my cupboard I found in one of my local op shops. This dress has a 70’s flare. It is perfect for lounging and spending time with bubs and my fur family. It also allows this Mumma bear to enjoy a choccie or two! 


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