We all have “our people”

Being a new Mum and being social had me biting at the bit to join Mothers group. Some people love it and I’m sure some people loath it.

In the initial stages I recall desperately seeking out friendships. I probably even blogged about just wanting to be friends with anyone who was interested. But in reality we only really form bonds or friendships with people we consider “our people”. If you think deeply about this along the track of life you may have had friends for a season. These are the people who push your boundaries and live slightly off your grid. They are great for a purpose but you will sit back and Years or even months and think “what the hell was that?”! I know I’ve had them and by all means they were fun, in my 20’s and before baby. 

Now I really just want to gather more of “my people”. They lighten the load and connect me to me. They share the same values, have deep and interesting conversations, we laugh at the same things and even have similar interests and ideas. 

I am flattered as today I was having coffee with someone who hand picked me as “their people”. It’s nice to make connections in the world, especially as an adult.

While your people don’t always look, dress or even act exactly how you imagine they do make up the puzzle pieces of your life. 

Friendships will be made. And a shallow person may see certain forms of friendship as “using” one. But I put this down to “reasons” for a friendship. Everyone needs a squad who cheer and inspire. For me I love a friend who motivates me both spiritually and physically. I want to be fit but sometimes lack the motivation. Spiritually I know there is something out there to have faith in, I just need some bible bashing from time to time to believe it. I also have wine time friends, and the friend that encourages you to eat (or to give it a miss). 

And I haven’t made close friends in my new circle, but I will. I just won’t love everyone like I do my old people!

Today my dress is from Little Party Dress, a small business who at times I think is part of my people for understanding a curvy lady and mother!


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