Give the Mum’s a break!

As I sit sipping on my coffee as my tiny stick of dynamite (my son) has a snooze I am getting over the news. Having been awake since the early hours of the morning- your not breaking any news 10 times over. I love an over exaggerated story but do we need to blow it up and repeat it 1000 times before I have my morning coffee break? 

Since becoming a Mum I feel I have slipped back into my advocate boots. I do walk with my head held high and have no problem saying my two bobs worth and this topic is no different. For my friends who believe maternity leave is a holiday- it is not! Having a baby is also not a means to get out of work, in my work it would be easier to go to work. Unlike my employed childless friends I do not get annual leave from this, a coffee break is as long or as quick as the baby stays quiet. And yes I chose this life and am ever so grateful. 

Also Mum’s know tired, it is torturous at times. Again I would not change a thing, I just now look at other mothers differently. I also look at heavily pregnant people running about thinking I wish I could tell you to put your feet up and have a rest. 

If I am lucky enough to have another baby one piece of advice I’m giving myself is a babymoon, and just for me. I want to go away for a night to a lovely BnB near the sea. I will sleep like a star fish in the bed, sip on hot tea, eat with both hands and not worry about my next load of washing! I will also enjoy some toilet time without having to rush back to a roaring baby.

Oh how wonderful is hind sight? 

Today I am again supporting small businesses and wearing another Little Party Dress frock. It’s for my Easter celebrations with my beautiful high school friends and mother group. Only my son didn’t get the memo and is sleeping through the time I was supposed to be thrashing through Coles. Oh well life can wait for a minute 😊


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