Returning it if it’s not right…

This month I have learnt a new skill. A skill I am going to take into my life and help myself transform. I have learnt to return items of clothing if they are not right.

I have always lived a little bit of a lie when it comes to my clothes. Just like people, I hold onto items of clothes that never really looked good or made me feel good. As I have gotten older (and hopefully wiser) I have learnt to return or sell off anything that doesn’t sit or feel right. 

Sometimes in a relationship we try to make it fit. We try to bend it, stretch it or even alter ourselves for people when we really shouldn’t have to do this. In this world it takes different people to make it turn. You need to be the authentic you. And if you feel for some reason that you need to change you in a relationship, maybe it’s not the right fit. 

Today I am working on being more me and less who I thought people wanted me to be. I move forward as me, as this is the person I want my son to see. I will return anything in the future that doesn’t make me feel good about me!


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