Enjoying giving it to someone else

There comes a time in a persons life where you can just let your self importance go and focus on someone else. For me that someone else is my son. 

The time where my work out schedule and meal planning meant the most to me. Because what is more important in the world then being trim and terrific…right? Wrong! Trim has nothing on being nurturing, selfless or even someone else’s world. My baby relies on me just the way I am each and everyday. Especially so when they hurt or are feeling sick. 

So while I sit and wished I had gone for my morning walk to be closer to the worlds view of a “perfect body”. I am quietly enjoying the love of my little baby. 

We Mum’s are lucky that target, Kmart and many other variety stores have a decent range of garments to pull in that Mummy tummy and help the world see less of the destruction of a body that made the most precious gift in this world. 

I do get out of the house for walks, but the gym is a place I once dreamed for this life. I am going to enjoy it, every single cold drop of coffee or tea!

As a new Mum I am absolutely certain a black smock, black leggings and a couple of nice capes could be a go to staple. I’ve even made my house bound Day a bit fancy with some lipstick. My hair did not take priority today as my son needed cuddles,  and that my friends is more important than straight hair!


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