Never as bad as you think

Society has made us our own worst enemy. The pressure to be a certain way or do a certain thing is ruining us all to some degree. 

Take for instance photos that were taken of me at my Mothers group playing with my son. I had put in my head that they would be terrible. After all I couldn’t photo shop, pose at a good angle and couldn’t hide my undone hair. I got them back and was pleasantly surprised. Here I am thinking I had a tone of baby weight to shift and thought of being in my worst shape to date and I was pleasantly surprised. Maybe the person staring back at you really isn’t as bad as your head.

Could this ring true with problems? We chew over them, put them through a mirror of judgement. We don’t generally give anything (including wine) long enough to breath. Perhaps that’s why the greatest leaders I have ever looked up to professionally didn’t always answer on the spot, they thoughtfully listened and responded after time. Do we just need longer to process big decisions? As I have learnt things look different when looked at by someone else.

A topic very sensitive to a lot of new Mum’s is the judgement of breast feeding or bottle feeding. There is an assumption that bottle feeding, much like a c section at birth are the easy ways out. Every single mother had reasons for formula feeding and carried the guilt of society. Their babies, much like mine are thriving and rather then bag them, we should be patting them on the back and saying you are doing a great job!


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