It’s been 3 months since my son came along and blew my world up! I feel like the first few weeks and even months I have been living in fight and flight. Being a Mum is hard! It’s also not something that is openly spoken about. I think people think admitting something is hard is the same as simply not coping and neglecting yourself and your child. 

I am lucky enough to have connected with some lovely new mum’s. A couple of mum’s who too were professional social butterflies. It’s been great speaking honestly about how much we love our child and how unprepared we really were for the isolation of it all. Babies are beautiful, but boy do they cry and take every waking minute of your being. That I was not prepared for. Even taking a phone call is a luxury I will do at light speed.

The fight or flight thing has me at times wondering how many new Mum’s take off as it’s all too much. Now that there is research about every single action and how it causes a reaction in a baby you can barely pee without taking the baby and apparently causing some effect in the babies mental development. Pretty sure I cried and I’m ok (most of the time). 

The fight is absolutely needed. If you don’t wake up fighting for that little baby every day then you just wouldn’t be the best you can for them.

Today is a lot of crying and a lot of ups and downs. But together me and my boy will get there!


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