Two ways of dealing 

There are two ways of dealing with life’s speed bumps. One is to talk with nearest and dearest, the people you gather for good times and bad times. As I’ve said many times before I chose those friends and consider them as important as family. 

The other way is to ignore and hibernate. For those who read along I believe you don’t need to know me to guess how I deal with situations. As I truly believe a problem shared is a problem halved!

I find myself not in the most ideal situation, but I am trusting myself and my judgment to get me to higher ground!

I feel like my whole concept with “better out then in” fits me better. I hate how a problem can manifest itself. I feel like the gentle release of gas (yes I’m a mum now and it’s all about getting air outta this baby) that as soon as an issue is aired everyone can move on and heal.

I married a polar opposite to me. A partner doesn’t have to mirror you. They do however need to learn skills to meet you out in the middle somewhere!

Having a baby will test you and all your relationships. It’s the ones that stand tall to tell the stories of yesterday to my son that qualify as family!
And just like some friends doubling up for different purposes, so does my dress.i bought it as a maternity dress and have simply turned it around to make it easy for the nursing faze! 


One thought on “Two ways of dealing 

  1. Rosie you look beautiful.Stand tall and walk day by day through all your challenges. There has to be a light at the end of the tunnel

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