Maybe I will start with me

Having lived my life loving a fixer upper job I think I need to change my direction. By fixer upper I mean I am usually drawn to someone who needs some tlc to be the best them. 

My mindset changed the moment my son was born. My energy shifted and I literally felt I had no more room for anyone playing games with me. I have the instinctive feeling to shelter my beautiful son from the cruel world until he is much bigger and much stronger. 

There comes a time in everyone’s life where you need to stop trying to fix the world and work on you. I want to work on me every single day so I can move forward positively with my most precious gift in this world, my son.

I believe all relationships have a beginning and an end. I feel an ending beginning and rather then fight I’m embracing it. Because the sun will always shine, no matter how dark the clouds.

Today I fixed my mood by walking in the sun and listening to music. The simple things fix me. What fixes you? Even if it’s a small fix. 


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