No gaps…no reason to buy

Having studied the boxes and space bags full of clothes that I own I can honestly say my wardrobe should not have any gaps to fill. Transitioning from work to Mum does have me only wearing a tiny amount of the hoards that I own and temptation to sell some is getting more and more tempting. But those mum’s out there would know babies and children don’t often care what you wish to do, they move to the beat of their own drum!

These days I am lucky enough to enjoy a meal that doesn’t take 15 seconds to prepare and scoff, let alone a hot coffee. My thirties really will be my selfless years. It’s a real adjustment not having just myself to care for. And unlike myself bubs doesn’t like too much time day napping. After all this world is new to him and he wants to explore every corner of it.

Part of me embarking on an attempt to be more of a minimalist I think before I buy. When looking through my collection of clothes I reckon over the years I have filled all the possible gaps. It’s time to wear things until they are worn out!

I am also being more aware of my wants and try to focus more on the need. Wants are great rewards. But I am going to try to focus more on an activity as a reward for good, bad and in between. Things do not make memories and things do not bring as much joy to the world as exploring it. Also the things I collect waste my precious time, mainly due to maintaining and having to clean them! 

Hopefully I will be well on my way to living lighter when bubs is old enough to be aware. 


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