Living in my 30’s like I’m 20!

Remember the days when you had $15 in the bank until pay day? When you could live on a $1 pack of pasta and pasta sauce until that magic day of pay? I thought that when the clock ticked around to 30 that budgeting skills would just happen and that you begin to live comfortably. It appears you have to work hard on these skills and that just because you become a parent that you do have weeks where you live off squat but make the most of it.

I feel through trying to focus on a more minimal life style that weeks of living like your still 20 in your 30’s helps focus you on making memories. Where spending  time with people, rather then spending money is more important. While it’s nice to have rainy day money, sometimes playing in the rain in mud is much more fun then a paid activity. 

Adulting doesn’t have to be so dam expensive. I have all the necessities for the week- food and shelter. Now I am using my imagination and creativity to spend less money and enjoy more life. It’s free to sit and chat with a friend, go for a walk, watch one of the 101 DVDs I had to have or fluff around the house. It’s also free to spend time with your nearest and dearest. 

Today I did catch up with the midwife that delivered my most treasured jewel, my son. It was even more refreshing to know that while trained in looking after mothers and Bubs in the very early days, the months and growth of a baby that follows is not as straight forward to even a professional. This made me breath a sigh of relief. We put so much unnecessary pressure to be perfect at something that we forget to enjoy the lesson. I am trying to enjoy the lessons I am learning along the way. Some lessons are harder to learn then others.

Some lessons also require specialist help and advice. Asking for help when I need it is one of my flaws. I tend to think this is being independent, but biting off more then you can chew is hard to swallow. It’s much better in life to delegate when your feeling overwhelmed. 

While my life is not as fast paced as it used to be, I try to find time to pop on my favourite lippy and a pretty dress. 

The lesson I am trying to perfect this week is to put me on my priority list. While my son will always come first I am trying to give me second place and care a bit more about myself. My small goal is paint my nails this week.

Today I have an old ASOS dress on. Perfect for a coffee date and perfect to blob around the house in.


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