The practical me…

Having crossed the line in the me who dressed for me, to the me that dresses for the practical Mum duties I am now becoming accustom to. While I try not to let the style police down I do think twice (or three times) before I dress. These days I think

  • Will I be able to nurse my baby in this?
  • Will I be able to blend baby spew in with this?
  • Is it comfortable and covering my private parts? I no longer have the ability to wear something I cannot move in.
  • And a lot of the time- does it need ironing?

I also consider whether an item will need constant adjustment? Will I look over dressed if I actually don’t manage to leave the house?

I tell you the parent gig is not easy. But it does get rewarding as your child starts to smile and acknowledge you as more then a food source. 

Things that used to matter to me are slipping away. Now I’m a smells person and these days I have a winning day if I don’t wear baby spew as my smell. 

I used to be concerned about matching everything I wore. Now I do try to stick to this rule but now I’m just happy if something is clean and 

I am cautious that through being a parent I don’t want to lose myself as a person. I can still be social, can still be a good listener and friend and witty date for my husband. All of these things don’t particularly require me to look or dress a certain way.

It’s funny I recall having a conversation with a friend saying my baby will just fit into my life style. I was so unprepared. A baby can be flexible but really they are home bodies who need love and care. The world is over whelming and they can only handle small snippets at a time. Maybe babies are born to change your train of thought. Is it possible babies know better then us “wise” adults? Are we trying to squeeze too much in, without enjoying what’s right in front of us? When did we become so obsessed with doing so many things in a day that we are so wired or tired? 

This child is slowing me down, but I am enjoying the smaller snippets of life and watching the pure delight at the simple things. 

Today I put on a kimmo which is beautiful, but not practical (bottom picture). I then put on my practical hat and dressed for my purpose really. Goes to show I do have a versatile wardrobe if I try.


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