Doona days

Today I barely hit “play” in my day. I woke up feeling so drained and very blah that I really just wanted to press “pause” in my life. Not so easy with a 6 week old baby as they often have their own plan for the day. Lucky for me my baby was pretty happy to hang out around the house and basically under the doona!

Having really honed in on what I like doing with my time I am enjoying daily walks. I have always enjoyed the great outdoors and enjoyed walking. I never really enjoyed exercising side by side of other people in a gym. I hate smells and even though I am a sweater I hate the thought of someone else’s sweat on something I’m touching or sitting on. 

This time with my baby has been about getting back to the things I loved and had long forgotten in my material world of yesterday. 

Another thing that soothes my soul is being near water. Now my English skin in this Australian sun is not the best combination but I do find myself being out in nature or just sitting by the wee pond near my house. I hope by leading by example my son will enjoy outside more then inside.

I love being creative and I think that’s why I love writing and I loved fashion. How to combine fashion without constantly adding more is my challenge!

Now in my reflection another thing that does bring me happiness is hosting friends and family at my house or out in a park. I have decided to forgive those who will never say sorry and reach out. Holding a grudge is ruining who I am and I want to be rid of that burden. This is truly for me, not for anyone else. In life you may never hear the words you long to hear, so give up and let go. Then you will move forward and be a better you.

Today in my slumber I did not iron and I barely put on my face but I am at peace and am at peace with my crinkles!

Enjoy the sunshine whatever the season.


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