We are all in it together

Having caught up with a work friend who has transformed into a life long friend yesterday I am feeling more positive about my transition to Mum. 

We both seem to be living fairly parallel lives, both marrying within 12 months of each other, buying and selling houses and then falling pregnant at the same time. Our sons were also both born on the same day. We even had very similar issues while pregnant. It was nice to know I had someone who was experiencing much the same. 

I am always drawn to real people to be in my circle. People who are who they are and not afraid to be really honest with me. I enjoy the friends who you just know are telling you their truth, even if it’s not as frilly as it looks on social media. In fact the more raw, the more I relate! 

I did read an article from Oprah and it did get me thinking. It was along the lines of it being a true friend is someone who is there for you in the hard times and happy for you in the good times. Now the second part of that should be the easy part, being happy with your friend. But the world doesn’t work like that. I have noticed that being happy and not a little bit jealous is hard for the human species. 

If it’s innate for us to desire more and never be happy with whatever is in front of us, then it’s very hard for us to be a good friend and not want a piece of another’s pie, so to speak.  The tabloids want us to want more and buy more to be more. 

Even a simple social program such as facebook, designed to originally connect people is now covered in advertising for “things” that you might like to buy or have.

So in thinking about my friends who were here for me when times got tough, there were a few. I am reflecting on who was happy for me when good things happened. The ones who were cheering me on? I do agree especially if I am in a bad place it is so difficult to be happy for someone else. Maybe I’m not a good friend sometimes, and this is something I will be working on.

Sure my life got messy and I wished for more, but right now I’m happy in my mess. I’m happy with the friends I keep and know that people who reach out through the good and bad times are the ones who will truly celebrate my life and journey with me. 

My friend who shared my pregnancy with me is truly a beautiful soul. She has a calm spirit and smiles from her eyes. The eyes tell so much about someone. That is where you really see happiness beam! Even if we both could barely hold our tired eyes open we were so happy to be sitting together with our sons. And this my readers and friends is why we really are all in this life together. No matter what your going through you will always find someone basically going through it with you. 

Today I am writing from the doctors surgery. I have a long couple of post pregnancy tests and follow ups. They joys! 


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