Music to save me

I now am starting to understand just how important memories that are linked to music are. They are the fuel that gets you through transition times or through periods of adjustment. 

I am becoming a little stir crazy being stuck at home with bubs in these early weeks. Without music and my old box of memories (of a life I know I did have) I would be going insane. As I mentioned in yesterday’s blog my baby does love a tune or two!

I have spent today day dreaming through share house moments, nights out on the town with friends who now too are settled down. And then I walked through memories with a precious friend who I missed seeing in her recent trip to oz. Gosh I have had some fun. I can’t wait to tell my son stories of the days when I used to be cool and used to have the social life of a diva! 

I feel my deep love for music started at a young age also. Mum and Dad used music as their fun and to tell us stories of when they too were cool. One thing that links every generation is music!

So what else does one do to stay sane? I walk, and walk and walk. The minute my baby is fed, changed and getting his grizzle on I am out the door walking in this summer air! My little doggie is so happy about this new exercise arrangement and I become less insane. Everyone is a winner baby! 

Today I have hung up my dresses and am in a white shirt and cargo 3/4 pants. There is nothing more refreshing then a white shirt and I would go as far as saying it’s a staple!

Enjoy your Sunday afternoon/evening. If in doubt of your sanity, go for a walk!


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