Nothing to do with waiting

This week I have been reflecting on where I am, and how it could be perceived as though it all happened without facing challenges and working dam hard. I haven’t always made the right decisions or played my cards right in a sense but I will not let people think I had it handed to me. Everything that is in my life came from hard work and in letting something go I worked hard for.

While I believe in “time and place” I don’t believe in sitting around waiting for that to happen. If you want something in this life you need to work towards it. Take 3 major life changes- marriage, kids and a mortgage. While these things may not be your goal, maybe you want- travel, lovers and a good story. You physically need to be planting the seeds towards any of these goals. Nothing comes to those who wait, just empty dreams. Sure in the pursuit of these things you may encounter some hurdles, in fact you may experience things that break you so much you lose focus. 

My goals were to travel, make beautiful babies and spend my life with a partner who wasn’t perfect, but perfect for me. I worked hard to have any of these things and every day I make sacrifices to keep and “water” those dreams. 

Sure certain things take a back seat and you have to make these goals realistic,but they aren’t happening if you aren’t working toward them.

Today my mini goal was to go for a big walk up the big hill (I like to give myself small challenges) and to shower and put on something I feel pretty in. Even if no one notices how I look, I’m all that matters in my head. 

Now as I write this I sit next to my sleeping son, who will only sleep during the day to my music. Today’s tunes are straight from the 100% 90’s album my husband and I went out to when we first met. A very very happy time and making for some happy sleeping for my baby! 

My dress today is by a brand called Tulip I absolutely love every dress I have purchased in this label. It’s all friendly for nursing as it’s button down. If I was to do my 33 items capsule I would definitely put this dress in as I wear it effortlessly and it’s so comfortable! 


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