Separating the washing

I never used to find time to seperate my washing, nor did I make time to hand wash anything. It seems, although I absolutely over fill my washing machine that I am making more time to take care of the things I own. Just like the friendships I have out there: I have found a way to seperate the colours and whites. I have found those friendships (like my clothes) that are too hard to keep fresh and good are not really worth the effort and will either be binned or put in the back of the wardrobe as they don’t make me happier and I just don’t have the stamina looking after a little human to put into all that jazz.

Maybe that’s how I will go my own way in being less about things and more about doing things. I am very excited about making family memories, and in true style fashion I am thinking of what I will wear whilst where ever it is I chose to make those memories.

Instagram is proving really make me struggle in the minimalist pursuit. I’m like a bell bird, I like to collect and decorate myself, for no one else but myself. As I wake 3 times a night for feeds I find myself scrolling through other blogger Mumma’s profiles and being inspired by their get up. And yes my finger clicks on “add to cart” more often then it should. Now I’m not good with cold turkey but I do have a little voice that asks me “is it good for breastfeeding or being a Mumma?” If yes is the answer then I think about it and make 1 or two purchases a pay. A girl has got to find a new passion!

Today’s dress is bright, light (and not so breast feeding friendly) and from a new online obsession Shabby Sisters. They have well priced beautiful pieces that I can see myself in. Maybe it’s time for me to seperate the good outfits from outfits past and make some money out of them. I am also road testing a new lip gloss by Mabeline called baby lips, it’s lightly tinted and very moisturising.


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