Trying new things

So New Year’s Eve has come and gone. To me it was just another night of feeds and changing nappies. Probably the least glamorous one I have encountered in my adult life. However I woke into the new year fresher and with my little family in tack. They included my husband, baby, cat and dog. So in true new year spirit we hit the walking track, not because we made resolutions to lose weight, but simply to spend time together.

New Years resolutions are not something I am buying into this year. I want to live however the wind blows me this year. No pressure to be anyone and to just do my best for me and my little bubba!

My late night feeds are giving me time to watch documentaries. One that has enlightened me and inspired me for 2017 is on Minimalism. Like most people I strive to be “happy” and things I buy no longer actually make me happy. For me being with people I love is the most important thing to me and having a creative outlet. I have both of those things, which aren’t things at all. This year I want to live with the things I need and get rid of the things that don’t bring me happiness. I want to look at buying a house with one lounge room and one dining room and maybe even one bathroom. I want my family to live together, rather then in the one house in different spaces. I want my family to interact and be together when home. 

Like moving from the city to the country I will build my castle, but it will be an internal castle towards happiness. I have a couple of challenges I will try in order to live lighter and happier. My encouragement sits with me in this blog photo- my son. 


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