The year that was…

As I place my sleep deprived head down for a wee nap I am reflecting on the year that was. What an absolute blur moving from “style conscious plus sized blogger” to “Dane’s Mum”. My entire identity changed in 3 weeks. I am so very grateful for the gift of a child, however no one really prepares you for parenthood. If planning a wedding is a relationship tester then the move into being pregnant and having a baby is the full blown exam! The only thing with parenting is you can’t fail, you just have to keep going on and on and on. Tired and very numb I attempt at getting a routine back in my life and trying to enjoy the things I used to love. 

I have started to focus back to what I loved as a younger me. I used to love bing dvd watching, and that is the one thing I love doing as a breast feeding Mum at all hours of the night I also loved when everyone else was at work  going for a morning walk with no tracking of steps, just wandering.

This year has made me even more grateful for my family and friends. My world has been turned upside down and I am through the fog enjoying it. As a new Mum owning my house didn’t matter, living within my means was much more important and surrounding a baby with unconditional love. I have never had someone really need me, but I know when my baby looks at me he really needs me. I love being the person to stop his tears and the one person he searches for cuddles from. It’s a special bond between mother and child.

That brings me to my thank you’s for the year. To my Mum- your support and endless love would not have me the strong woman I am. To my sister- seeing you happy makes my heart sing and watching you love my son as much as I do makes me feel all warm and fuzzy! To my many friends who have been there this year, without you I am less me! And to my husband- I hope for better times in 2017, another challenging year for our marriage, we came out alive and together and that has to amount to something! 

Family is what I mark 2017 being about. Today I share some happy snaps from the silly season. To all my readers- Happy 2017, may your dreams be big and the roads to them pleasant xoxoxo 


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