Greatest view

Having read a terrible statistic this morning on the internet “91% of Australian women hate their bodies”. This struck me down. Now it’s not even about fat hate or skinny knocking it’s effecting far more. Why do us women our so much pressure on ourselves to be a certain way? Why can’t the goal just be healthy and happy? Why do we only like ourselves if we look a certain way?

I simply don’t get it! Why can’t we be brave and look in the mirror and truly believe “this body I look at is the greatest view”. What I have learnt from living with different people growing up and even through my own work, everyone sees a picture or situation different. Why aren’t we asking people “what do you like about how I look today?” Positive thinking starts from you. 

As pregnancy taught me- a situation, lump or bump is only temporary. And if you look after and nature yourself you will grow something beautiful (not always a baby, sometimes a wonderful state of mind). 

When I look in the mirror at my body, boy has it changed. It has scars, stripes and now a story to tell. The body is truly an amazing thing. We really need to believe that. I grew a beautiful little human and I will never love my body more for doing that for me and for my baby. 

We need to live in the space of “this feeling too will pass”. Listen to your insecurities, and aim to bebe better at letting them go. You are judging you, people seem far too obsessed with themselves to notice you! 

Today is a warm day. I’m in a Crossroads jumpsuit which I would never in the past worn due to my not so flat belly. Today I’m being braver and am very happy being me. I am after all blessed to be Dane’s Mum and that to me is my greatest achievement!


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