Getting up and getting dressed!

On Monday it was hot! And for a pregnant lady very close to the finish line it’s not great weather for puffing, walking or even leaving the house. I treated myself to a swim with a friend and then chose to not really get up and get ready. Now don’t get me wrong we all need days like that,but I felt as gross as I probably looked. This reminded me of why I get up, get dressed and no matter what I am doing (whether it be home or away) I really feel as good as the effort I put in! 

Being pregnant is a good (sobering) reflection time. It’s also a ride of an emotional train. You go from being so happy and delighted with the idea of making a human to wondering am I even ready or fit for this? These feelings dance together in the dark! Maybe I flirt with the idea of what a child really needs and what I want my child to have. Again most of the material things only matter to me, not a baby or child. A child needs love and the basic things such as food, shelter and somewhere safe to grow and explore. All of which it has already got in my humble abode!

We are our own worst enemy. No one out there has as high expectations on us as we do on ourselves. The friends we keep should expect nothing but us. Nor should the person we chose to walk this life with. As my father used to say; every dog has its day. As is life!

So get up and get dressed and trust me you will feel 110% better then you did!  And following my savvy self- my dress today cost me $17.50 at Crossroads so it costs nothing to look fab!



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