Modern day Jack and Rose

I have been spending a lot of time thinking about something a friend said to me. It was actually a statement her friend made in regards to finding a partner who had lived a similar life style or upbringing to yourself, rather then someone from another class or status. While I agree it’s easier to live, even understand someone who has been bought up similar it’s not always who we end up with.

In fact I met my own husband out at a regular pub on a regular Friday night. I was not the girl that wanted a Prince Charming to sweep me off my feet who had a fat bank balance. I was hanging out at the wrong end of town for that! And if he was after a lady from the Upper deck he was in the wrong place.

After watching the titanic I could relate to the Jack & Rose story. Much like Jack I would have been paying my way on the D Deck and my husband would have been on Upper Deck with his family. Nothing wrong with either, however much like the Rose and Jack story my husband chose to party with the D Deck folk as they simply knew how to have much more fun for less. In my world he didn’t have to be anyone, wear certain outfits or even conform to anything other then who he wanted to be. A concept the Upper a deck folk were yet to master! 

Anyway our love story started and continues. We are from different worlds and grew up very different. But guess what he chose to be part of my world. Much like I spoke about obligations yesterday he and I chose to somehow make it work. Our problem solving skills are very different and I feel I understand the value of money a bit more. But I also awknowledge it’s not things that make a person happy. It’s things that actually bring us to our knees and make us sad. Happiness is something no fortune or material thing can bring you.  Happiness and memories you can take with you everyday no matter who you are.

Our differences do bring up some challenges but that’s life. Living with anyone- same or different, is always a challenge. We all breath the same but our minds are very different. As adults we have choices we can make. One is to wine and dine with another world, or to take your shoes off and dance like no one is watching with the people who love you no matter what. I’m not saying people on Upper Deck don’t love and have fun, I’m just saying I don’t wish to live in that world. As they say our coffins all look the same and you can never take your wealth with you. 

Today would have been my father’s birthday. He worked hard and partied hard. He taught me and my sister how to have a good time and how to be great friends to those around us. 

Today, despite the rain I’m wearing a St Frock dress I absolutely fell in love with. I am going to love shopping for myself a lot less once my little bubba arrives. Cannot wait to dedicate me to someone who has heard my heart beat from the inside!  



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