Celebration with friends, no obligations in sight.

Through my challenges and life skills I have gathered I have learnt a lot about obligations. Some cultural groups place such a lot of pressure on their families to do a certain thing, have certain people at certain events or even live a certain way. I am all for that as long as those people who place the expectations on people love and support the person unconditionally. What I have observed is as soon as someone doesn’t live up to Their obligations they are cut off. Something I do not understand.

Anyway I decided obligations don’t sit well with me! Just like certain ettiques don’t make sense to me. I chose not to have a baby shower for my Bubs’ arrival as its really lost its meaning over the generations. I am all for things growing and evolving, but I hate any event where people are expected to rain someone with gifts. There are exceptions to these rules but I won’t discuss that here.

I decided to use the babies arrival as I time to sit around a table, in a lovely locations and have a meal with the most important women in my life. I didn’t invite one person at that table out of obligation, no person who was there was anyone but someone special to me! And while not everyone could make it I was so happy to be with these influential and beautiful spirited people. 

I chose to have very strong women in my circle. Women who despite the worlds woes make me smile, laugh and let me be me. And the only family I had there were the two women who have been there through the highs and lows with me, who will love my child as if it were their own.

I look so forward to watching my special group of friends growing their own families and/or dreams. I hope they all know how very special they are to me. They are the family I invite to my table and who I will never be far from whenever they need me. Because really just because I moved to the country doesn’t mean we can’t be close in friendship and love!  



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