Great creation!

Through my next steps in my adventure of life I have stopped work for a little while. It’s time to nest, time to get the house ready for the arrival of my greatest achievement in this life so far, my baby!

It’s a hard concept to gauge before the actual arrival that I made a human! Clearly not alone, but theoretically I have grown this life. 

So in true me style I have taken this moment to redecorate and relocate. Nothing like cleaning out emotional boxes then moving. Me and my husband’s worlds truly collide through a move. Me who only hoards clothes (I have cleaned out a small lot while moving believe me) and my husband who hoards every thing that has ever happen to him in the last 34 years. It’s a struggle as apart from me keeping my clothes and a few decorative pieces for my house I would throw things out. Just like spiritual attachments maybe it takes some people longer to part with things as they do with emotions. I do believe the hoarder keeps things to feel safe. I do get that, however when you want to live lighter it can be very difficult. And we are making room for our greatest gift, our baby!

Anyway planning a wedding and moving house are two very stressful events in a couples life. So is growing a baby and no doubt making space for the baby. 

For women the transition to being a Mum starts the day you find out your pregnant. For a Father I truly don’t think they have a single change until the baby is in this world. And that itself is tough. 

Trying to move into my next faze I have decided to call back my inner bohemian style. Now she lived in me when I was much younger (and freer). She was fun, approachable and dam comfortable in her clothes! This dress is bright and light and good for the bump! I may be lost in my new bed covers as they too are following my lead! 

Today I am treating myself to my first hair cut since easter and a professional colour(as I am usually a DIY kinda gal). My hair needs to be more manageable as I won’t have the time to play with it when my bambino is here! 

Thought for today- if some “thing” doesn’t bring you joy or have a place in your home, throw it out or donate it! Things will not build a happy space in your heart!  



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