Closing the book

The chapter of my life that re shaped my whole being is about to close. I am so happy to be leaving that very challenging part of my life behind me and to be moving onto what I feel will be much greener pastures.

The Australian dream of owning a home, driving a fancy car and living it up in the city surely didn’t sparkle or even bring half as much light and love into my heart. The reality is we have to work twice as hard to catch our own tails and live in a stressful and over priced dream. 

When we found out we were expecting our first baby it really made me sit down and evaluate what was important for my next chapter as a Mother and as our own little family. Things that surrounded me as I sat in my house were not bringing me any joy. So here I sit in my new home, in my new location so much lighter!

We decided to rent again; to get ourselves financially more stable. We bought second hand cars; that cost half as much to service and maintain. We chose to live lighter. Lighter financially so as a family we can afford things to build memories from- week ends away and holidays which we never could “living the Australian dream”. I also look forward to my child joining leisure activities in the country location, down the road from my family. We aren’t silly, we very much value family. Family are the people who stick around, check in regularly and love us at our worst. They could be blood related but lucky for us it’s also the friends we keep! The people who have shared the highs and lows are who my baby will know as family. The rest, well people make their beds- it’s time to lay down in them.

A great friend spoke to me about emotionally cutting ties. While I know in my heart I need to do this. I also use life events as times to close the book, which for me is like emotionally cutting the ties. Once I hand back the keys to the all Australian dream I look forward to building my own Australian dream. But maybe just as individual as I am, the dream for me is something else! For me it’s always been a strong man beside me, children, a cat and a dog. It is also a smile on my face and friends around my table! 

I look forward to laughs and good times around this new chapter and my very happening table!  

The heart around my neck I bought on one of my South East Asia adventures with the hubby; before we were man and wife. And I have a new flowing St Frocks maxi dress, the best kind of dress for a 35 week pregnant lady! 



4 thoughts on “Closing the book

  1. That “Australian dream” of a glamorous life in the city is much like the American dream in that it’s very much unattainable (well, unless your name is Rockefeller or Hilton). I’ve gone back for my second Master’s because an education is something no one can take from you.

    • Yes absolutely! Just like travelling and making memories, they are two things no one can take. You are always richer in life because of experiences, rather then things!

  2. This post truly spoke to me, the American Dream and The London Dream are both unatainable and due to Instagram a lot of people are trying to live the Instagram image dream. We must be content with what we have and create our own dreams which work for us. You have done the right thing by stepping back and thinking about what is truly important to you and your family. Good luck and blessings on your new baby and wishing your family much happines.

    • Thank you for your thoughtful words. I am glad my words have spoken to people. This world is so caught up with keeping up with the Jones that we forget to ask ourselves- are we happy with this?

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