In the transition lounge!

So here I sit with my junk mail catalogues in hand and my cuppa infusing. My life has changed so much over this period of pregnancy. Who I was and who I am becoming are worlds apart. 

While I sit here all dressed up with nowhere to go I wonder what’s next? This journey to becoming a parent is quite scary and unknown…but people do it everyday right? My goal for this period of time is to ensure I don’t turn into slob Mum. I have always loved getting dressed for work and over a long lunch with a friend i exclaimed I would not become one of those Mum’s who loses all of her in becoming someone’s Mum. 

I must admit comfort does play a huge roll as I am 35 weeks pregnant. Thank goodness ASOS do a great range in Jersey material! The stretchiness is definitely my friend.

When I did my style course we spoke about who we are and how we present that to the world. Now while I am needing to change my stamp on the world slightly (and even the focus of this blog for a while). I do remember saying dress for you, not for anyone else and that’s what I shall do. I have moved houses and roles in life. And while my style may change it will not be the last priority of the day!

So what does one do in the lead up to having the baby? Catches up with people who have inspired and who ground me- of course! I am also adulting as much as I can. Movie dates, hair and beauty appointments and daily walks with the dog. This me is going to take better care of me! Because if I can’t look after me, then I can’t look after my future bub.

I look forward to the changes ahead. No challenge is ever bigger then you! 



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