Being with Mr Right

This morning I was reflecting (as I day dream getting ready) about the theory of “Mr Right”. While Mr Right can sometimes be known as Mr Alright he isn’t exactly how people imagine. He isn’t always perfect, doesn’t always say or even do what I want him to or even agree with everything I do. I don’t even like him sometimes but at the end of the day he is the right person for me. 

Most of the time we walk a similar paths, come up against the world and manage to live in some kind of harmony. And to me that is my Mr Right. He puts up with my colourful moods, my over the top diagnosis of health issues, my newest obsession, my new diet or exercise resume and I know even if he doesn’t stand next to me he is behind whatever I do. He is my sometimes silent cheer squad making each day better as I am not alone. 

The Prince Charming people dream up doesn’t have a not so perfect side. But how can we expect perfection from another when we know we are not perfect. Usually what we judge about another person is something we dislike about our own self. 

Once you accept perfection is not achievable in a person then you will see your Mr Right standing right there. Relationships take energy and a lot of work. Always aim for the best but accept the chips and bumps they are life.



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