Has it happened for a reason?

Around a table of my favourite people and family we had a heavy duty conversation about whether we think things happen for a reason or is it our blue print? Is it really the case no matter how we chose to live the same outcome will be written for us.

This got me thinking- I bloody hope to god not! While it would be nice to sit back and know no matter what I do things will be how they are supposed to, I like to think my choices bring me to my elimate end.

I do find myself saying “whatever will be, will be” but do I live life on the fence of wanting to chose my own path and leaving it up to the universe? 

I like to think things happen to challenge us and to make us appreciate values that we had lost or that were undiscovered in the first place. I lived through what I experienced to understand gratitude. I lived through what I did to understand being rich in money and material things make you poor in spirit and empty in your heart. I have a better appreciation for my own mental health and know while I dance with periods of craziness I am happy in my vanilla coated life.

Losing someone tradgically doesn’t make any sense and while due to illness they may not be here long, they too have a lesson to live. The proof is the sick who go on to create more understanding, more awareness and are usually very generous in spirit. Maybe they are here to teach the living that we need to love more dearly or live braver. 

No doubt some scientist is sitting in his lab right now trying to work this theory out. Now science can’t give us all the answers but it can fill in some gaps. 

I like to think my choices have led me to the now. There is something out there guiding the way, but maybe not writing my future.

Now while I have moved away from fashion being my life focus I have made an effort through my pregnancy not to drop the ball on how I present myself. The world is my stage and I don’t want to let my audience down. Just because I do not feel my best every day does not give me an excuse to look how I feel. ASOS has been so good with the maternity wear sales! And you got it I am using my red to give me a bit of confidence today. I have my last big meeting before I go on maternity leave. May as well go out with a bang! 



One thought on “Has it happened for a reason?

  1. Rosie you look beautiful.
    What an amazing spirited person you have turned out to be .Taking challenges in all walks of life, and climbing ithe stairs one by one.
    You are a blessed person with a beautiful soul.
    Love always form a very proud mother .xxxx

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