Physically heavier but spiritually lighter!

So life has been ticking along, just as my pregnancy nears the end. While I am feeling heavier as I carry a near fully grown baby I feel lighter in my spirit and heart.

For 2 years I have carried the heavy load of other people’s expectations on what is good and should or shouldn’t be. I cut the ties that we’re keeping me from my own happiness. I sold my house, which I loved in theory but in reality caused nothing but stress, it’s worth was not more then my own happiness. I’ve also started selling things that didn’t make space for a new beginning. 

My husband and I are moving forward into a new life for both us and our baby who will form our family. A little human for us to love and to instill values much more important then material possessions. I look forward to breathing in the country air knowing my blood relatives are all close by for support and to build the memory blocks of life.

Negativity and bad feelings left my life many many moons ago. Just like the early stages of pregnancy with the nausea everything else will pass. I figured my body is tired enough growing a baby to worry about the things I cannot change. 

As long as you go to bed each night knowing you did your best then the world is a good place.

Today is a special day, it’s my Mum’s birthday. And while I wont see her in person today we spent a very special day with our little family eating and laughing. Two things every person should share with those who they love-food and laughter. 



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