Living for the moments…

While I sit here trying to focus on the here and now I feel as though I can’t help but look ahead. I have so many changes to face and they are racing towards me. This time I am embracing them. 

I am the first to admit I become a real cow when I am moving through a change period. It’s like I have to grieve it, get angry with it, let it go and accept the new. The person who sees my true colours is the man that chose to marry me and walk beside me. No one else gets all of me, which you should be happy with. Just ask him haha!

This week hopefully will end in the closing of a chapter- selling my first home. I look forward to my next home as it will be different it will be my child’s home. It will go from being a show home to something much more and filled with more love then I can bare to imagine.

I read about regrets from the past, to be honest I have not too many. I do wish I had been kinder to my parents growing up but I would be among many!

Change is something my body is going through growing this baby. It’s something that is out of my control. But what is in my control is eating healthy and exercising to some degree. Which is what I am doing. I want to do the best I can for this baby as I want to teach good habits from birth. 

I am lucky enough to be in my usual clothes. I haven’t gained much weight and am happy about that. Bubs can grow from the fat stores I have kept carrying around for all these years! 

Have a wonderful day x 



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