Tip toes in rich

I would like to start with a little statement that I believe all my readers needs to take into consideration when reading my blog. I note my reflections down about a small minority and my word is certainly not script, let alone sane (sometimes).  Writing for me is a way to express and move forward in my life and maybe connect with someone out there walking in similar shoes.

Today I want to confess I tried to live a life that never was truly going to fit me. Just like the dress tucked in the back of your wardrobe, you simple my will never know how it fits until you try it on for size. Chances are you should just throw that dress away and just be you in your skin. I tried on being rich for what felt like a minute but has cost me a small fortune going forward. And I leave behind a lesson, don’t try and be someone you perceive others to want you to be. Be you! 

Those fancy cars, that huge house with a huge mortgage and the clothes,shoes whic are lovely to have should never have been.  They won me nothing but stress. How someone pretends to have something is beyond me. It’s stressful and so untrue to you. Whoever is in your life voluntary (like your friends and closest family members or partner) chose to be with you, in my situation not because of material things but because of who I am before all that fancy thing.

In reflection I am richer then the rich as I have more then money can buy. I have friends and a family I love and who love me. I have happiness in my heart and so many more things to give to people then money can buy. I have an authentic life and know my worth. No material thing can give you that.  

Today I am blessed be 24 weeks pregnant a gift to remind me I can continue to build on the love and people in my world.  



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