Practising as you preach 

Now some people are fantastic at their jobs and even practise amazing life skills to help the needy, which in itself is beautiful. The problem I find is they lack using these skills in their own lives. Sure when your paid your a genuine good person but as soon as the buck stops, so does the compassion and dedication they had at work.

Being professional and a work-a-holic doesn’t keep your friends or nourish your future family. Work is there to also teach you skills you can use at home. I use the knowledge and skills in my own life to get by. I also use cases when I sit and complain about the hand I’ve been dealt. Seriously it can get much much worse then anything you are challenged with. Your task is to build those skills, use what you have learnt through work or what you have read to really rise above it. And as the title of today’s blog suggests practise what you preach.

If your friends or family fall, use your compassion to support them. While they may not be living the worst case scenario, rather then kick them support and celebrate the small sucesses! 

Now I need to practise what I preach and stop letting pregnancy moods shape my at home behaviour! Another tip, if your tired rest. 

Today rather then be in a bad spot my husband and I start the process of selling our home and moving onto a more achievable life style. Wish me luck!



2 thoughts on “Practising as you preach 

  1. Being a workaholic (and/or any other kind of “holic”) doesn’t keep your friends or anything else. If you take a look at the lives of most workaholics, you’ll find they don’t work all those hours/so much overtime because they love their jobs. They do it to avoid going home to the empty house/the marriage they’re unfulfilled in/the children they didn’t want in the first place/the drinking problem they can’t quit/the aging parents who need care/whatever else it is they don’t want to deal with.

    • Absolutely agree with you 100% I see it everyday at my own work. But I seen it even more with a friend who I now don’t know or even speak to anymore.

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