Drama and all that jazz!

While I start to pack up the boxes of my life I find myself faced with the memories that flood back. Gosh life can be full of drama! 

I find that the after math of the battle that was my life has made me a little less patient with small unimportant drama. I find I let go of things a little quicker. Which when you have a house full of things (I am a bell bird I collect) I feel I can let go. Because if you never let go, you will never make space for the good stuff!

Having reached the half way point of my pregnancy I am not walking lightly anymore! This growing a human is more tiring then I ever imagined. The roller coast of emotions that follow the waves of tiredness are incredible and sometimes I get a sip of what it is like to be a little cray cray! But I guess that’s something we women don’t talk about. 

So my new chapter will be filled with drama and jazz but a more positive and growing kind. I don’t mind the craziness of life. Having lived a little shaken for so long, vanilla would be a little boring right now! I like to aim for a vanilla malt kind of life style!

The dresses I am choosing to wear these days are comfortable and of course as tummy flattering as possible. I did team this up with a spotty blazer as the office has a bipolar kind of temperature! 



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