Hang overs 

Having experienced some of the worst hang overs in my 20’s and some of the most shocking ones in my 30’s I now understand why.

For woman trying to get pregnant, use your hang overs as preparation for pregnancy. At least when drinking the hang over is a reminder of a night out. My morning sickness was a reminder of one night of passion with at least 6 months until the good memory even joins us. 

God I struggled with the nausea but the pretend wine head ache minus the wine was just cruel. So my advise is for those women who plan to have children is to use a hang over as practice for how you may feel when pregnant. It’s not glamorous and it’s not comfortable or even about the “hang over food” as food can be the trigger! 

I am enjoying a new way of dressing-comfortable. As one thing you don’t want when your not on your game is tight uncomfortable clothes. I chose comfortable, yet a little glam!

I got this dress from the sale section in Sportsgirl. I love boho again and think I will tune it in for motherhood! For those having a wine, have a sip for me! 



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