No fairytale in sight 

Now as much as I am usually a cup half full type of person I am aware that fairytales only happen in children’s books. 

The happy ever after takes work. And it’s not always “happy”. It’s usually hard work, a few crashes and bangs in the night. 

Just like the perfect photo, if you hold the camera at just the right angle you miss all the crap. Take me for example. My hair and make up looks reasonably good today. But up close my skin is having a pimple party and everyone in the neighbourhood has joined. Nothing to celebrate here people! 

I guess it’s hard in our generation as social media makes everyone appear to be living the dream. We post smiling faces, pictures of our greatest achievements and most wonderful holiday snaps to make everything like that amazing fairytale. I read somewhere the biggest smiles will sometimes be from the people battling the biggest of challenges. 

My struggle has been like a big skill development session at work- enlightening to some degree but quite draining at the end of the day. I have however set some goals to join the shiny happy people on social media. I’m planning another trip to relax but also change my concept on how to live happily a little. I also rescued a little dog. She is my morning ray of sunlight. A pets love is really lovely!

Today I’ve got my yellow on for a day full of work. I always attempt to run my own race with my clothing choice. This outfit is pretty colourful! It’s also made up of all old items in my huge wardrobe.

Happy Monday! 



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